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The Impact Of Challenging Behaviour Education Essay

The challenge for pedagogues is non to discredit or decrease the extraordinary attempts but, consistent with IDEA and the research to direct their attempts into transforming ordinary scenes so that they excessively can fit what today is regarded as extraordinary and tomorrow will be regarded as ordinary – ( Soodak et al.,2007 ) The intent of this assignment is to acknowledge the function of â€Å" Challenging Behaviour † , how it affects people when covering with their behavior and how do we assist them get bying with it by seting the theory into pattern. The appraisal of this assignment was structured on 25 hours of observation on a 13 twelvemonth old pupil during school, community and place. This assignment is sectioned into three parts which in the first portion depict what is disputing behaviors and how it affect the individual. The 2nd portion describes the pupil and his interactions with the environment around him. In the 3rd portion, this assignment describes a contemplation of what the perceiver saw during the 25 hours of observation that lead to a support program which will be built on the student`s strengths instead than concentrating on his demands. This will assist the pupil develop resilience and being able to emerge as a extremely functioning grownup.1 ) Challenging Behaviour Terminolog yThe nomenclature â€Å" ambitious behavior † has been used to mention to the â€Å" obstinate † or â€Å" debatable † behaviors which may be exhibited by persons with a learning disablement. There is no exact word to depict disputing behavior. Challenging behavior manifests itself into different types, changing from low to high strength. â€Å" Culturally unnatural behavior of such an strength, frequence or continuance that the physical safety of the individual or others is likely to be placed in serious hazard, or behavior which is likely to earnestly restrict usage of, or consequence in the individual being denied entree to, ordinary community installations † ( Emerson, 1995 ) .1.1 ) The Impact of Challenging BehaviourIn every behavior classified as â€Å" disputing † , there are three features in common, which: hinder the person from larning, developing and wining is harmful to the individual himself and to others puts the person at high hazard for subsequently societal jobs and school failure Persons that fall under the class of Challenging behavior frequently find themselves rejected, disliked and frequently ridiculed by the society. This group of people experience lesion in their self-esteem / assurance, accepting them to be secluded, depressed, and deprived from chances to develop, advancement and pattern societal accomplishments that they highly need. Sometimes pedagogues / society exacerbate the job. The book â€Å" Exceeding Lifes † ( 4th ed pg 133 ) , stated that excessively frequently teachers concentrate on students` shortages instead than their strengths. A concrete illustration is when persons with disputing behaviors are capable to zero tolerance policies such as suspending pupils from schools, handling them like they do non exists or when we order them to travel out of the category. This all go on when first ; the behavior is seen before the person, and 2nd ; the person in non seen as a whole individual. â€Å" Students who experience failure in one c ountry, besides tend to see failure in the other † – ( Jolivette, 2000 ) . Challenging behavior is caused by several factors interacting with each other such as environmental stressors, nerve-racking life status, kid maltreatment and school factors. â€Å" It is hence of import to step in every bit early as possible † ( Slaby, Roedell, Arezzo, and Hendrix, 1995 ) ( Tarbox, 2009 ) ( Bessell, 2001a )1.2 ) Covering with Challenging BehaviourTo better understand when covering with disputing behavior we have to self-question: why do it go on? what intent do they ( people with C.B ) service? how can we take the job off from the individual? What actions do we take to forestall the job from happening once more?1.3 ) Functions of Behaviourâ€Å" The map of a behavior refer to the beginning of environmental support for it † – ( Tarbox et al ; 2009 ) . There are four common maps in behaviour which are: Attention: desire for attending from equals / grownups Escape: flight from individual, undertaking or environment Sensory: the behavior feels good or meets a centripetal demand Tangible: desire for a specific point or activity1.4 ) Determining the Functioning of BehaviourTo turn to disputing behaviour one demand to find its operation. Determining the maps of behavior, one demand to: Interview ( ecological event ) what type of relationship there is between the individual and his environment Direct observation ( the four maps of behavior ) Functional Analysis ( eg: S.T.A.R Model / ABC- Accident Behaviour Consequences ) Functional Hypothesis ( the information that emerges from informations / analysis )2 ) Student ProfileMatthew is a 14 twelvemonth old adolescent. He is tall, robust and energetic. He has brown eyes and short brown hair. Matthew like custodies on activities and in fact his avocations are constructing carnival military personnels and cot, cookery, playing picture games and playing football. His future aspiration is to work in household concern and to get down one of his ain. One of his wants is to complete the secondary school every bit shortly as possible to recognize his dream.2.1 ) Student`s BackgroundMatthew is the eldest sibling. He has a younger brother ( Christopher ) , two old ages younger than him. Christopher attends the same secondary school as Matthew and every twenty-four hours he spends most of the clip at his grandparents` house ( few metres off from his place ) . Matthew`s parents have minimal educational cognition. Matthew`s male parent ( Joseph ) run an agricultural h ousehold concern and spend most of the twenty-four hours working in the Fieldss. Matthew`s female parent return attention of the house and when needed she besides gives her hubby a manus. 2.2 ) Student`s Medical History At the age of three Matthew was diagnosed with leukaemia. This status impaired Matthew from larning due to the fact that he ne'er went to kinder and twelvemonth one. Matthew started go toing on a regular basis to school from twelvemonth two that subsequently on he was besides found diagnosed with larning troubles ( LD ) and at hazard of attending shortage overactive upset ( ADHD ) .2.3 ) Educational arrangementsâ€Å" Childhood leukaemia subsisters may develop non verbal acquisition disablements that affect their authorship and concentration accomplishment † – ( Bessell, 2001a ) Primary schools – When go toing at the local authorities school, Matthew ( Year 2 ) found it really hard with larning. The undermentioned twelvemonth his female parent applied Matthew to be supported by a learning support helper ( Lsa ) . Harmonizing to the Statementing Moderating Panel study, Matthew was found diagnosed with larning troubles along with troubles with attending span, distractibility and impulsivity. ( These together with emotional troubles are farther lending to Matthew`s troubles in accomplishing school ) . The SMP board recommended shared support but shortly turned it into one to one support. Matthew started being supported from Year 3. Matthew repeated that same twelvemonth ( Year 3 ) because his academic public presentation was well below norm. At school Matthew started being bullied ( Year 3 -Year 5 ) . Matthew was unwilling to travel to school and frequently spliting into fits. His female parent had to alter his school because she didn`t find any cooperat ion with the school staff at that clip. Matthew attended his concluding twelvemonth of primary school at another authorities school in another vicinity. Secondary School – Matthew`s psychological study that was done in 2008 stated that he was at hazard of attending shortage overactive upset ( ADHD ) . Matthew has been go toing to this secondary school for the last three old ages, since his passage. At this school he is being supported by Inter-Disciplinary Team.2.4 ) The Inter-Disciplinary TeamInco ( Mr Stephen Spiteri ) Head Master ( Can. Noel Saliba ) School Psychologist / Councilor ( Antonwlla Mizzi ) Lsa ( Ms. Leanne Azzopardi ) Student`s female parent ( Josette ) Student ( Matthew ) Through this squad, at school, Mathew`s academic public presentation is monitored. The Lsa in coaction with the topic instructors adapts the work for Matthew and communicates with Matthew`s female parent. The school psychologist is measuring Matthew every two months to assist him show his feelings. The head-master is the squad spokes-person / go-between. When squad members encounter troubles such as something that is impeding, different sentiments / schemes ; the caput maestro organizes a meeting to discourse these jobs. The student`s female parent helps the squad by giving and suggests utile information to the squad because she knows the most about Matthew. Mathew`s coaction with in the squad is by giving his perspective position so that squad members can accurately turn to his demands. The Inco represent the squad outside the school premises. The purpose of the squad is to see Matthew independent every bit much as possible.2.5 ) Degree of SupportMatthew is supported with a full cli p Lsa ( one to one support ) . He follows the course of study with differentiated acquisition and sometimes requires disengagements during lessons such as PSD and Music.2.6 ) Types of supportAdapted press releases, visuals, head maps, colour cryptography, mold, measure by measure instructions, illustrations, motivating ( easy gets distracted ) , and ICT ( Clicker 5 used in English lessons ; synergistic boards, computing machines for composing notes ) are ever used across all topics. During appraisals ( scrutiny ) Matthew is provided with a reader, prompter and excess clip is allowed.2.7 ) Student`s Level of FunctioningCognitive accomplishmentsAuditory Processing – Matthew has no job with hearing. He hears all right. The trouble is in how the encephalon interprets ( understanding the construct ) . Ocular processing – Levi does non hold any job with sight. Matthew finds trouble to organize and pull strings accurate images in his head ( scheme ) . Memory Skills – This is the country which most impairs Matthew`s acquisition. Matthew is limited to new information ( short term memory ) . He picks up merely spots and pieces of what is being said during a lesson ensuing him in doing sense of merely a small. Processing velocity – This country rely on the Memory accomplishments and there is a displacement depending on the undertaking. As stated antecedently Matthew has all right motor accomplishments and if for illustration he had to construct a cot, he performs good ( and even more rapidly than his equals ) . If he had to read / compose a short paragraph, he finds it really hard because of restrictions in more than one of the basic psychological factors. Logic and Reasoning – Matthew can execute good when categorising and grouping objects. Due to the fact that Matthew`s memory limit the information, the encephalon terminal up to treat wrong information.CommunicationSpeech – Levi does non happen trouble in speech production. He has all right articulation, voice quality and eloquence every bit good as non verbal behaviors such as facial looks, gestures and caput and organic structure motion. Language – When giving / having information in his first linguistic communication ( Maltese ) Matthew does ticket. When he communicates in English Matthew finds it hard to pass on because of deficient vocabulary. He besides use gestures to show himself when speaking in English.Self-help accomplishmentsMatthew is independent in his self-help accomplishments. He has all right eye-hand coordination and finds no trouble in taking attention of himself.SocializationMatthew doesn`t find any trouble in socialising. He is a friendly individual. At school during deferral he normally likes to badger others and being ill-mannered. Matthew does non hold many friends at school. After school he spent most of the clip with his two friends.3 ) Reflection`s Analysis ReportNote: The contemplation is based on what the perceiver ( me ) saw during the 25 hours observation at school, community and place.3.1 ) Environmental factorsSchool FactorsThrough the eight hours observation at school, Matthew`s behavior was triggered by these factors: Learning ( embarrassment and ennui ) Rejection Labelled Contending Cipher have the power to command over the environment and neither Matthew has the power to command his equals, Lsa`s and instructor. Learning ( Embarrassment ) – Due to his past unwellness, cognitively, Matthew is limited to larning. Matthew feels embarrassed when he finds constructs difficult to larn. Sometimes pedagogues trigger the student`s behavior because the more they try to make their work, the more they creates jobs ( see school observation 1 & A ; 8 ) . Then a clip bomb ignites with a concatenation reaction of Matthew`s temperament start escalating, Lsa start to panic because she feels defeated that her instruction was non reached, Matthew acquire worried about his self-image and get down concentrating on his equals instead on his Lsa until he explodes with the first thing he encounters. Learning ( Annoyment ) -This besides depend on how the instructor uses his resources to do the lesson interesting. There is no 1 size fits all for differentiated acquisition. As stated before, Matthew is at hazard of ADHD and if the lesson is non interesting, than the ennui triggers his attending ( see school observation 6 ) . A clear illustration of positive behavior is when lessons stimulate Matthew. In these lessons, his behavior defined as â€Å" disputing † is diminished ( see school observation 3, 4, 5,7 & A ; 13 ) . These two factors have one thing in common. For these behaviors Matthew apply the â€Å" Escape † map. For him escape makes him be in a positive province. Not all behaviors occur so the individual can â€Å" obtain † something ; many behaviors occur because the individual wants to acquire off from something or avoid something wholly ( Miltenberger, 2008 ) ( Miltinberg, 2008 ) ( Cooper, 207 ) Rejection – â€Å" While it might look unusual that a individual would prosecute in a behavior to intentionally hold person scold them it can happen because for some people it ‘s better to obtain â€Å" bad † attending than no attending at all † ( Cooper, Heron & A ; Heward, 2007 ) . Matthew is disliked by most of his equals and he uses inappropriate behaviors to pull attending. Attention is attracted in two ways ; either by cursing ( to affect or demoing that he is tough as show in all in the S.T.A.R theoretical account action column ) or by moving out ( observation 6 & A ; seven ) . Labeling – At school Matthew is labelled. As stated antecedently sometimes instructors are the job and see merely the negative of the individual. ( See observation 11 ) . Negative labels can all excessively easy go self-fulfilling prognostications. They prevent you from seeing the kid ‘s positive qualities. They besides cause you to take down your outlooks of the person. When you can see a kid in a positive visible radiation, it helps him to see himself that manner, and to move more positively. Contending – â€Å" Alternatively they learn to anticipate rejection and may even detect that the best defence is a strong discourtesy and work stoppage out preemptively to protect themselves † – ( Moffitt, 1997 ) At school everybody knows what is Matthew`s failing and unluckily there are pupils that prefer to acquire hit and see Matthew in problem ( see school observation interruptions ) . In the yesteryear he was being bullied, and this still affects him. He uses this behavior to demo that he does non let anyone to of all time mess with him.Community & A ; Home factorsFrom the observations done in the community ( 9hours ) and at place ( 7hours ) , there is noteworthy displacement in Matthew`s behavior between that exhibited at school and that exhibited in the community and at place. In the community Matthew does non seek much attending and he is a different individual from school ( see community observation 1 & A ; 3 ) . The behaviour displacements, because Matthew is non restricted by regulations and there is nil that embarrasses him such as acquisition. ( Wehmeyer, 1996 ) ( Hong, 2007 ) ( Ryan, 1995 ) When Matthew feels restricted, his behavior is triggered. At place sometimes he feels bes ides restricted either because he wants privateness or that when no curse is allowed ( place observation 1 ) .3.2 ) Degree of Self-governmentâ€Å" Self-government refers to â€Å" moving † as the primary insouciant agent in one`s life and doing picks and determinations sing one`s quality of life free from undo external influence or intervention † – ( Wehmeyer, 1996, p.24 ) To be self-determined, one has to be motivated. When there aren`t custodies on activities or stimulated feelings, Matthew loses involvement. To be motivated one has to be self-assured. Being disliked and rejected, Matthew has low self-prides and that why he uses the â€Å" flight † map because ne'er trust himself. A scheme for motive is the execution of picks. During the observations done the picks were rare and in fact, throughout the 25 hours of observation there was merely one pick given ( see school observation 2 ) . Choices aid people get motivated. â€Å" Goal scene is related to leting pupils to do picks, which besides can advance, self-government, independency, socialisation, positive behavior, and better academic public presentation † – ( Hong et al. , 2007 pg 232 ) . The demand for liberty is conceptualized in footings of sing a sense of pick, indorsement, and will with regard to initiating, maintaining, and ending behavioral battle. A If pupils are abl e to believe about their picks and the effects before they act, and take a safe, acceptable behavior, so the optimum result of the disciplinary procedure will hold been achieved. â€Å" To be autonomously motivated involves experiencing a sense of pick and will as a individual to the full endorses his or her ain actions or determinations † ( Ryan 1995 ) . In a nutshell, acquisition is a precedence for Matthew because it is impacting his behavior and besides his self-government. A behaviour support program will be created to assist Matthew place, control and decide inappropriate behaviors ; by being presented differentiated instruction to actuate him. Motivation helps him be self-determined and self finding increase his quality of life.4 ) Behaviour Support program4.1 ) BaselineWhen meeting acquisition that is hard to understand, lessons that do non excite him, relationships that are difficult to manage, he expresses his feelings into disputing behavior utilizing the â€Å" flight map † . This map leads him to lose the control of his behavior by ; deteriorating his relationship with his equals and instructors, restrict Matthew from larning and affects his self-pride.4.2 ) Long Term GoalMatthew will be able learn by commanding his behavior ( choler, defeat, embarrassment and ennui ) .4.3 ) Short-term Goals4.31 ) Lsa & A ; Teacher Lsa & A ; instructors will function to pattern mature problem-solving, non fall backing to the same inappropriate behavior ( e.g: maintaining composures, Lsa communicates / talk in a low voice that merely Matthew can understand and non be heard by remainder of the category to forestall Matthew from being embarrassed and accidentally put the pupil under the limelight ; make non take the affairs personally [ panic or agitation ] and think of themselves ( pedagogues ) as fire combatants ) . Lsa & A ; teacher will pull an image in the student`s head that s/he is non merely making the occupation merely to acquire paid but because s/he truly care ( indirectly inquiring the pupil for the chance to see you ( Lsa & A ; teacher ) as a individual he can swear. Lsa will be prepared if the pupil fails the teacher`s illustration ( Plan B ) . Plan B consist of: Lsa will move â€Å" cool † like nil happened and still see the strength in the pupil that he can win. Lsa will get down inquiring unfastened inquiries to see what the pupil had understood. Lsa will associate the subject to the student`s avocations / life experiences by doing it more interesting instead than doing him flight ( e.g. associating Maths in mundane life state of affairs, associating English as if the pupil has to fall in love with a English adult female.Teaching schemes that motivates larningTeachers in coaction with Lsa will: Plan and portion resources to supply interesting lesson ( UDL for larning ) that stimulate â€Å" every † pupil to include everyone. Design equal coaction such as activities that involvement and prove their cognition. ( Groups consist of 5 members. Matthew`s group has to be ever arranged in a ratio of 3:1 – 3 friends and 1 equal that dislike Matthew. The negative equal ever alterations throughout the twelvemonth. This helps Matthew to go on solid his relationship with his friends and bettering his relationship with equals that dislike him. Therefore there is no demand to seek attending. Help â€Å" all † pupils change their position of cardinal to success / failure from an outside factor ( hard degree of the undertaking ) to an internal factor ( attempt, ability ) Offer picks ( in instructional scenes ) wages pupils for achieving â€Å" personal best † ends ( free clip ) Give immediate feedback.5 ) DecisionWith the execution of the Behavioral Support program will assist Matthew will cut down the dispositions to the point of extinguishing them ( practising ) and interchanging them with positive behavior. Peer coaction will assist Matthew do more friends in a positive manner and there is no demand to seek attending with inappropriate behaviors. With this scheme he will larn that regard is gained by positive behavior. Choices will assist Matthew experience included and in control. It helps his self-pride and besides his development. He learns to do determinations scenes where he has some control. This aid him to larn accepting state of affairss where there is no picks to separate. He will larn to use this construct by get downing from school and go oning throughout the community. Wagess will actuate Matthew to larn and do him desire to make the undertaking once more. The more Matthew will be rewarded, the more will assist him develop relationships, addi tion appropriate interactions and polish his bing accomplishments. This will assist him to develop resilience and increase his quality of life. â€Å" Ignoring the behavior on its ain is non traveling to assist ; the kid will presume they are winning or acquiring off with the behavior. Ignoring it and praising the good behavior will state the kid which behavior is appropriate † – Eileen GeigerMentions

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The Working Roles of Animals

Animals in the media Animals have been used in the media for many years as they catch the eye of the viewer. Animals which are used in advertisements usually don’t have any or much relevance to the products being advertised. An example of this is the adverts for Dulux Paint, which uses an Old English Sheep dog in their adverts. They have used this breed of dog in their adverts since 1961 because this breed of dog has been used for so many years people associate it with the Dulux Company.The adverts catch people’s attention and as the dog has no relevance to paint products and therefore people will discuss the adverts. Another example of animals having no relevance to the product in which they are being advertised is the Andrex adverts, they use Labrador puppies in their adverts for toilet paper. When the adverts first came out, Golden Labrador puppies became extremely in demand. However some of the people who were buying the puppies had done little to no research about the dog. The appeal of owning a Labrador was having a small, cute dog.However many owners didn’t realise the size that they would grow to, many owners then re-homed them as they grew larger. However, there are exceptions to this where the animals are relevant to the product being advertised. These adverts are usually for pet products and rescue centres. Recue centres use abandoned looking animals in their adverts, which is an emotive technique. Another example of animals being used relevantly in adverts is pet products, such as Iam’s or Pedigree. They show the animals which the product is for. They use cute animals which the public find appealing.Many adverts portray animals inaccurately; this causes people to believe that the images which are shown are a true reflection of the animal, as they have little or no knowledge of how the animal behaves. This may result in people potentially buying dangerous pets. This can be harmful to the owner or the animal and can result in abandonment. Animals which are portrayed as unpleasant, scary or dangerous can be in danger when people assume animals are worse than they are from seeing them on television. A good example of this is ‘Harry Potter’, where spiders are shown to be dangerous and scary.This causes people to have a higher fear of the animals, this can also develop into phobias, which may result in people hurting or killing animals. Another good example of where animals are portrayed to be much more vicious than they actually are is in the film ‘Jaws’. Great white sharks are perceived to be human killers and go out of their way to hunt humans whereas in reality the chance of being killed by a shark is less than 1 in 264. 1 million (1). Films also promote animals, implying that they would be good pets.In the film ‘101 Dalmatians’ many breeds of dogs are perceived as being extremely intelligent and easy to care for. This causes people to purchase them without doing the correct research and easily become overwhelmed with the responsibility of caring for a dog. Animals in sports The most popular sports involving animals are horse racing, dog racing and angling. Many people find pleasure and excitement in racing and betting on animals, it creates enjoyment for owners, trainers and spectators. A large part of racing is when people gamble on the race.This will generate money for the owners and trainers of the animals as well as the book makers and the people who place the winning bets. Television will provide a source of income and promote the sport. People may also watch the races and place bets at their local Bookies. The animals which win the most races, are the most successful and will be highly valued for breeding. This helps to ensure good offspring for racing. Race horses will usually be spoilt and have the best quality of life to ensure that they are the fittest they can possibly be for racing. However, Greyhounds may be starved and beaten before races.Starving the dogs may provoke them to run faster to try and catch the ‘rabbit’ because their natural instincts kick in. Some owners/trainers may be more concerned with the financial gain than the animals’ welfare. As a result animals may be harmed during training. This also means that animals that are not fit enough to race may be abandoned, rehomed or destroyed. Animals may also be killed during racing as a result of injuries. Angling is very popular in the UK. Live bait is usually used to attract the fish but dead bait or artificial lures can be used instead.There are different types of angling including coarse, game and sea. The advantages of angling include the financial gain for manufacturers, dealers, charter skippers and the owners of the lakes and rivers where fishing takes place. The water quality in the lakes and rivers has greatly improved over recent years to benefit the stocks which also improve the quality of the fish’s life and the underwater ecosystem. Many of the fish are returned to the lake or river in which they came. There are also disadvantages with angling. Fish will become stressed and physically injured through being captured and handled.Even when the fish are returned to lake/river, they may not always survive due to the shock. Careless anglers have been known to spread disease within the lakes and rivers. Alien species have also been introduced to the ecosystem which shall compete with the native species. Animal fighting is illegal in the UK as well as other countries. Animals which are used to fight include bulls, cocks, dogs, fish, as well as badger and bear baiting. There are no advantages in this for the animals however some people get pleasure and money from this particular sport.The dogs are mistreated and starved so they become more aggressive. All animals involved in fighting suffer and many die from injury and infections to wounds received. The survivors to the fight will not receive the veterinary treatment that they require; therefore the healing process will be long and painful. Animals in work Animals have been used for helping disabled people and in working situations for many years. Guide dogs are given to the blind or extremely visually impaired people so that they find it easier to partake in everyday life.The dogs are trained to watch out for cars and objects that the owner may walk into, the dog will be able to guide them away from danger. Dogs can also be specially trained to help the disabled by opening doors, retrieving medicines and food. They can also be trained to alert help if the owner is injured or is unconscious. Some dogs can be trained to detect oncoming epileptic fits and can therefore warn the owner before a seizure occurs. Animals can also be used in a farming environment. The dogs which are commonly used are Border Collies, they are used to herd animals into a group.They are extremely intelligent and can learn commands by whistling and speech easily. They are trained to know the difference between herding left and right, they are also usually trained from a young age and are used until they are old. Dogs such as Spaniels can be used as gun dogs, this is where a shooting team shoots down birds and the dog will retrieve it unharmed. Horses were used to plough fields, gather sheep and cattle and transporting goods. However, they have now been replaced by machines. Animals in commercial use Animals can be used for their meat or for the products they produce.Chickens are used for their eggs until they can’t produce anymore, then they are killed for their meat. Battery farms keep chickens in cruel conditions, they will sometimes be force fed and have their beaks cut off to avoid pecking other chickens in the overcrowded conditions. Free range chickens however, are kept in good conditions with lots of room to run around. Cows are used for their milk, which can be turned in to yogurts and cheese; meat and their ski n, which is used to make leather. Animals can also be used for medical testing as well as the testing of cosmetics.Many animals are put through stressful situations whilst being tested on. Medical testing can include testing drugs on animals for humans. However, animals have a different anatomy to humans and what may be harmful to them may be good for humans. For example, rabbits will die from taking Penicillin whereas it is beneficial to humans. Testing cosmetics on animals is needless as there are alternative methods to testing products. It’s not as common as it used to be, however, it does still happen. Products that don’t test on animals often publicise it as it’s an effective selling point.

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Answering Question Number One

However, as competition intensified, the company thinkers decided to overhaul the system and to go for more profit. This re-invention of the company was successful but only for a time. The atmosphere changed and soon the company found itself wondering where to start again.   Go Ahead Enterprises evolved from a manufacturing organization into a marketing one. This made the significant over-turn of the company, which sadly, was an unforeseen suicidal path. The company reduced its number of employees and moved to the city where it could market toys. It has stopped manufacturing its own metal toys. It sold its manufacturing plant. This decision was a critical one since the company never realized its important resource- the plant itself. Having a manufacturing plant is one key for sustainability.   Plus, the company is sure that each metal toy manufactured is at its best. Quality is assured. The demands or orders for the products can be handled easily since Go Ahead Enterprises supervises its own operation. Selling the manufacturing plant was an unwise move. Losing a great deal number of people is also critical since they are the company’s best asset. Letting go of competent and trained staff or employees is a loss to the company, too. People are one great resource that brings additional investments and profit. However, cutting knowledgeable and skilled employees off from the company may also result to downfall. The company’s big bosses’ decision to source instead of manufacturing its own metal toys became a major disappointment in the long run. Go Ahead Enterprises created a niche for itself in the market. Changing the position of that niche affects the company. What Go Ahead Enterprises did was to create another niche for itself by turning into a marketing company. It used to produce metal toys under its brand name.   But since the big bosses decided to make a complete overhaul, the company lost its niche as the manufacturer of metal toys. The company leaders’ decision was enough to ruin the company unintentionally.   On organisational level, they have induced the change. What they failed to see is the long-term effect of that decision. They saw profits coming in like never before. But an initial success is not a guarantee of future sustainability and growth. The company leaders never saw that right and noble decisions may sometime lead to a bitter path.   They should have seen the consequences first before jumping to conclusion and endanger the company’s growth, position in the market and quality of products. On the other hand, environmental factors do play a big part. Globalization floods the market with cheap products. This resulted to steeping competition and fight for consumers’ favor. Globalization made the market more diversified with more choices and alternatives. The consumers are left confused, bewildered and happy. The consumers are happy because influx of goods means affordability. They get to choose the products which suit their purse. Yet, cheap goods are sometimes made of inferior quality. Satisfaction is still an issue. There are consumers who still opt to buy branded products even if it is priced higher than the usual ones. Better to spend much than to be sorry, so they say. Go Ahead Enterprises banked on globalisation and joined the bandwagon to keep itself on top of the game. It imitated other companies which are also changing their company’s course to accommodate changes. The environmental change brought by globalization has transformed, but not necessarily improved Go Ahead Enterprises. Losing the company’s niche, its manufacturing plant and its key people brought the company lower than what it used to be. Go Ahead should have maintained its manufacturing and strengthened its niche in the market. The leaders should have come up with more strategies rather than adopting a strategic plan, which in the end, brought more harm than profit. The company must focus on its vision and keep the main thing â€Å"the main thing† (Hybels 2002). In this case, Go Ahead Enterprises’ fate will be on its feet again if it will re-align its strength, assets, priorities, and focus on the main thing. It may not be money or profit but company reputation and sustainability. List of References Hybels, B. 2002, Courageous Leadership, Zondervan Publishing, Michigan. Answering Question Number One However, as competition intensified, the company thinkers decided to overhaul the system and to go for more profit. This re-invention of the company was successful but only for a time. The atmosphere changed and soon the company found itself wondering where to start again.   Go Ahead Enterprises evolved from a manufacturing organization into a marketing one. This made the significant over-turn of the company, which sadly, was an unforeseen suicidal path. The company reduced its number of employees and moved to the city where it could market toys. It has stopped manufacturing its own metal toys. It sold its manufacturing plant. This decision was a critical one since the company never realized its important resource- the plant itself. Having a manufacturing plant is one key for sustainability.   Plus, the company is sure that each metal toy manufactured is at its best. Quality is assured. The demands or orders for the products can be handled easily since Go Ahead Enterprises supervises its own operation. Selling the manufacturing plant was an unwise move. Losing a great deal number of people is also critical since they are the company’s best asset. Letting go of competent and trained staff or employees is a loss to the company, too. People are one great resource that brings additional investments and profit. However, cutting knowledgeable and skilled employees off from the company may also result to downfall. The company’s big bosses’ decision to source instead of manufacturing its own metal toys became a major disappointment in the long run. Go Ahead Enterprises created a niche for itself in the market. Changing the position of that niche affects the company. What Go Ahead Enterprises did was to create another niche for itself by turning into a marketing company. It used to produce metal toys under its brand name.   But since the big bosses decided to make a complete overhaul, the company lost its niche as the manufacturer of metal toys. The company leaders’ decision was enough to ruin the company unintentionally.   On organisational level, they have induced the change. What they failed to see is the long-term effect of that decision. They saw profits coming in like never before. But an initial success is not a guarantee of future sustainability and growth. The company leaders never saw that right and noble decisions may sometime lead to a bitter path.   They should have seen the consequences first before jumping to conclusion and endanger the company’s growth, position in the market and quality of products. On the other hand, environmental factors do play a big part. Globalization floods the market with cheap products. This resulted to steeping competition and fight for consumers’ favor. Globalization made the market more diversified with more choices and alternatives. The consumers are left confused, bewildered and happy. The consumers are happy because influx of goods means affordability. They get to choose the products which suit their purse. Yet, cheap goods are sometimes made of inferior quality. Satisfaction is still an issue. There are consumers who still opt to buy branded products even if it is priced higher than the usual ones. Better to spend much than to be sorry, so they say. Go Ahead Enterprises banked on globalisation and joined the bandwagon to keep itself on top of the game. It imitated other companies which are also changing their company’s course to accommodate changes. The environmental change brought by globalization has transformed, but not necessarily improved Go Ahead Enterprises. Losing the company’s niche, its manufacturing plant and its key people brought the company lower than what it used to be. Go Ahead should have maintained its manufacturing and strengthened its niche in the market. The leaders should have come up with more strategies rather than adopting a strategic plan, which in the end, brought more harm than profit. The company must focus on its vision and keep the main thing â€Å"the main thing† (Hybels 2002). In this case, Go Ahead Enterprises’ fate will be on its feet again if it will re-align its strength, assets, priorities, and focus on the main thing. It may not be money or profit but company reputation and sustainability. List of References Hybels, B. 2002, Courageous Leadership, Zondervan Publishing, Michigan.

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Business Plan Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Business Plan - Coursework Example Startup capital shall be from two sources – personal investments from each partner, and a short-term bank loan, which the company sees to close by the end of its 3rd year of operations. Since the business is really more of an independent label, very little capital expenditures shall be made. The bulk of its budget will be focused on marketing and operations. The business will initially be located in one of the partner’s homes, for cost efficiency. This is where the management will meet with clients and vendors, and hold office in the meantime. It will operate on no revenue and implement a low overhead for the first year. The owners will focus on relationship marketing in order to get media partners and good costs for equipment rental during recordings. It will do tie ups with event organizers and media bodies to achieve the desired media mileage for the brand as a whole, and for all its talents. Diva Records desires to achieve equity through below the line efforts with these potential partners. II. BUSINESS DESCRIPTION AND VISION Diva Record’s vision is to promote local music groups while increasing live appearances and sales. This two-fold objective is really focused on giving back to the community by honing local talents and at the same time gaining revenues for the company to be able to sustain and expand the services. Its keys to success are as follows: 1. Careful selection of talents to sign up. There will be very rigid screening to get only the finest local talents per category. 2. Limit the number of talents to sign up to be able to stay focused on the marketing efforts. 3. Have a mix of work and fun. The music business is a fun business, and the owners, being passionate about their work, looks forward to creative improvements as time goes by. Instead of competing with the larger record labels, Diva records will apply a more focused regional approach to concentrate on local and homegrown talents. These artists’ goal is to be v isibly known in the local market, and eventually penetrate the mainstream. This group in interested in gaining exposure and be known by the local market, since as more people know them, they are most likely to get projects and gigs, and possibly produce a CD, consequently earning more revenues. Diva Records wishes to be known as a hard-working and promoting record label, with the reputation of having support for local talents. Such brand equity will bring the record label to its own place in the market. III. MARKET ANALYSIS Diva Records targets two primary market segments – record stores and consumers at live shows. The management’s focus is to develop visibility within the community, enough to be able to sign up artists which is they to gaining mileage and revenues. The two target markets that have been identified are as follows: 1. Record retailers – this segment distributes the product to end-users. This is the retail channel that ultimately moves the greates t quantity of CDs. It takes time for record stores to be able to sell these CDs as some artists need to gain following before their songs are patronized. However, Diva Records will endeavor to get the partnerships of these record stores, even going as far as sponsoring their activities to be able to have a good position in their display areas. A long-term relationship is foreseen with these establishments. 2. Patrons at live gigs and concerts –

Have we learned any lessons from the financial crisis of 2007-8 Assignment

Have we learned any lessons from the financial crisis of 2007-8 - Assignment Example When the criticality of the matter dawned on the American society, it was difficult to accept the dire consequences of the downfall. Organizations deemed stable enough to survive any surging economic pressure proved to be at the verge of collapse in the 2008 scenario. President Obama had to help America resolve the issue, and settling it needed firm decisions taken in good time to save the average American from the consequences resulting from the crisis. This is how the Dodd-Frank law surfaced as a potential solution to the imminent financial collapsing of the great economy. It is of essence to highlight the critical lessons learnt from the crisis and doing that is the sole purpose of this paper. Causes of the 2008 Recession An analysis of the real situation in 2008 and highlight the main causes of the collapsing of big financial institutions. One fact about the issue is that Americans had build too much trust on some of the banks that they did not see the crisis, coming and this is the main reason why Americans became victims. This does not assert that people should not trust banks but should do so after judging their credibility based on their financial reports. At least people should make an informed choice be ore trusting financial institutions. ... Understanding how banks operate is essential in analyzing how the recession resulted. All banks often make investments that can turn to be failures. If that happens, experts can calculate the asset value and these banks can receive recapitalization for the loss. However, the level of trust is very fundamental in determining whether a bank is worthy of recapitalization. Its performance in the market must prove that it is not subject to sudden collapsing. Banks deemed stable enough in the market have resulted to a form of pathology as Fischer described in his recent speech. These banks reached a point whereby assessing how much they lost in bad investments became a challenge. Before the onset of the recession, these banks were safe havens for most people. Majority of financial experts thought that these banks only suffered losses via mortgage insecurities. However, facts reveal that other toxic investments increased the losses incurred by banks. The bigger banks stand better chances in the market because of the privilege they have. Their stability in the market becomes a crucial factor that serves to reduce chances of bankruptcy declaration. While the less stable banks have a great fear of taking great business risks in fear of ending up bankrupt, the bigger banks can take costly risks much more easily as Arcand, Berkes and Panizza mentioned in their working paper released in 2009. In 2006, big banks sought to take advantage of the declining house prices hoping to make profits in the secondary market as Feng, and Serilitis in their research paper in 2009 on efficiency and technical change in U.S banks. Their investment in housing had its basis on mortgage security. Predictions were that housing

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Involvement of the Volkswagen Group in Chinese Market Dissertation

Involvement of the Volkswagen Group in Chinese Market - Dissertation Example Industries such as information and technology, automobile, fast food, manufacturing, information technology enables services, etc have been majorly influenced by the globalisation. The companies today have realised the fact that sustained growth is only possible when the company focuses not only on the national market but also international market. The major industry that has been influenced by globalisation is the automobile industry. Automobile industry today is a global industry with the demand for automobiles increasing like never before. There are various reasons for this increase in the demand for automobiles. One reason is the increase in demand for automobiles in the developing countries and countries like China. Chinese and Indian automobile markets have now become the major attraction to many European and American automobile companies. In response to this global demand and also to sustain the growth, major automobile companies have now been concentrating on the emerging markets such as China and India. This research is aimed at analysing the internationalisation of automobile manufacturers. In order to do so Volkswagen and the Chinese market is taken as an example. Volkswagen’s operations in China have increased rapidly since its first interest in it in the 80’s. This research aims to analyse the involvement of Volkswagen in the Chinese market and how it has affected the sales and in-turn the growth of the company globally. The research analyses the various strategies adopted by Volkswagen and how it has been implemented. It also looks into the result of these strategies on the overall success of the company. Also the Chinese market will be analysed in detail. That is, the reason behind the attractiveness of the Chinese market to the global companies and the advantages and disadvantages of doing business in China. This is a research proposal outlining the aims, objectives, methodology of the research. It addresses the important aspects such as relevance of the researc h, recipients of the research, rationale, etc. Research Aim, Questions and Objectives Research Aim Aim of any research is to find measurable and testable data or information that adds to the existing human knowledge. Any research must have a specific aim that needs to be accomplished at the end. The primary aim of current research is to analyse the involvement of the Volkswagen group in the Chinese market and relate it to the overall internationalisation of Automobile manufacturers in general. A secondary aim of this research is to understand the Chinese market with respect to automobile manufacturers. In order to accomplish the above aims of the research, there is a need to formulate specific research questions and research objectives that address the various aspects of the research topic. Research Question Research question is the most important aspect of a research proposal as it addresses the core of what the researcher intends to do. Research questions are vital not only for th e current research but also for further research as it leads to the formulation of new questions this leads to further investigation and research in the topic (Lester & Lester, 2009). A research question directly indicates if the researcher is on the right track to accomplish the aims of the research. A research question needs to be well formulated keeping the aims of the research. A research question should not be too elaborative or too restrictive. The reason for this is that an elaborative question might not be intriguing as it might turn out to be a explanation rather than a question. On the other hand, if the research question i

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Cash budjet Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Cash budjet - Essay Example The minimum line of credit is the amount of money that can be allocated and be made available whenever a client company needs it (Fabozzi & Peterson, 2003). BCM has shown that it needs $241,500 in the month of June. This should be the minimum line of credit from the spreadsheet. CBM’s cash position is quite strained especially in the first four months. CBM is forced to seek additional financing from outside. This is due to low cash receipts from debtors who have formed the main source of cash in the budget. The concern for the company is how to obtain extra external financing and what interest will be needed (Pineda, 2006). The cash budget also does not have a provision for repaying the short loan and interest. As a bank manager, I will not accept CBM as my client for some reasons. The first one is that CBM is a new venture which has not sold even one item and therefore the market is new. CBM needs a total of $415,250 just within the first four months. According to Bierck (2009) such an undertaking is risky since CBM does not have any historical figures which can give a clue of how much sales they can be able to generate The other point is that there is no reference for the sales forecast. I will only accept CBM once they have traded and have historical figures to rely in respect of the

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The Nature and Effect of Superbug H1N1 Coursework

The Nature and Effect of Superbug H1N1 - Coursework Example HA molecules are particularly important in the development of the disease as they cause the preferential attachment to lung epithelial cells and the insertion of the virus contents into the host cell. Each protein in the virus has multiple subtypes. In human-infecting Influenza virus strains, there are three HA subtypes, H1, H2 and H3, while NA has two, N1 and N2. The different combinations of HA and NA make possible the multiple subtypes of Influenza viruses (Kimball, 2009). With the elucidation of the viral structure, it has since been discovered that there are multiple strains of the virus, and that they continually mutate and cross-infect swine, birds and humans. As commonly seen among viruses, HA, together with NA, genes mutate at a high rate, causing new strains to be seen infecting humans almost yearly. This phenomenon is referred to as the antigenic shift. In addition, Influenza virus strains undergo gene reassortment, in which two strains infecting the same bird or swine exc hange RNA strands to develop a new virus subtype that the human population has not been exposed before. Thus, this antigenic shift usually causes severe pandemics. For example, the 1957 H2N2 Asian flu pandemic after the 1918 H1N1 Spanish flu pandemic is believed to be caused by the simultaneous infection of a human-infecting subtype and a bird-specific H2N_ resulting to the reassortment of their genes that produced a new bird-specific subtype that can infect humans. In effect, this new H2N2 subtype is something the human population at that time has not been exposed before, causing many to have no immunity against the virus and to be susceptible to infection (Kimball, 2009). Because of the unique features of Influenza virus, current prophylaxis still involves multiple vaccinations, with the composition of multivalent shots varied annually to confer protection against strains guessed to be most infective during the coming season. Thus, prolonging and ensuring the effectiveness has bee n the focal point of many researches. A promising approach is the development of vaccines that can induce the production of antibodies that are specific against multiple HA subtypes. Throsby and his colleagues (2008) paved the way for such approach when they identified human antibodies that can bind to H1, H2, H5, H6, H8, and H9. They referred to this antibody as CR6261 (Eckiert et al., 2009). CR6261 AGAINST H1N1 AND OTHER SUBTYPES What makes CR6261 different from other antibodies that confer resistance to only one subtype of Influenza? Eckiert et al. (2009) tried to elucidate the 2.2 and 2.6A crystal structure of the antigen-binding portion (Fab) of CR6261, as well as the CR6261 Fab complexed with heterotypic HAs from human 1918 H1N1 pandemic virus and avian H5N1 virus. Although it was not mentioned in the study if there is any purpose in choosing H1 and H5 instead of the other subtypes, the choices probably served the most purpose because H1 has a history in causing a pandemic (19 18 H1N1 Spanish flu), and H5 has a likelihood to infect and cause death among humans, who are mostly unexposed to such type of Influenza (Kimball, 2009). However, it is most ideal if the study

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Acco330 Cost management accounting Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Acco330 Cost management accounting - Case Study Example The company has grown a lot during the past couple of decades despite changes in the industry which contracted the size of the industry from 350 to 42 furniture producers in the Ontario region. The firm had been operating smoothly for many years, but as it grew the company learned the importance of accounting work. Prior to 1997 the company had only utilized a bookkeeper who did not create budgets of other financial reports. In that year the company had major setback due a diminish profitability. This paper provides various business analyses in order to determine the root of the problem and find a solution to the problems at PFC. One of the major strengths of the company is the quality of its products. The management team of the company has formed a corporate culture in which the employees are committed to producing top quality merchandise. Strength of the company is the simplicity of its operation. The company only produces two types of products. This allows the firm to keep its cost down, lower its inventory, standardize production, and achieve economies of scale. A glaring weakness at PFC has been the lack of accounting work prior to 1997. The company also experience in 1997 other problems such as higher wages costs and a change in supplier which lowered the quality of its raw materials. The profitability of the company decrease significantly and the company was not able to properly manage its yearly budget due to the lack of experience of experience dealing with formal business reports. The firm should have updated the progress of its budget on monthly or quarterly basis in order to make the necessary adjustment to meet its financial goals. The company has a tremendous reputation in its domestic marketplace. The firm could increase its product offering to increase its sales. Another opportunity for the company is to export its products to the

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Sensationalism and the Media Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Sensationalism and the Media - Essay Example There are new crimes which people feel they do not understand and which are different from traditional fears. The media is very effective and building these crimes up and making people feel frightened (Ball-Rokeach, 1040). One of these is cybercrime. While some people may feel less frightened of being stabbed on the street, they may be more concerned about identity theft. It seems clear that cybercrime will be a serious problem in the future as more and more of our lives are lived on the Internet. Stories about identity theft appear in the news every day. Part of the problem in todays world is that many people put a great deal of their personal information on the Internet without thinking that it can be accessible to anyone. Others do not take proper precautions with their passwords. Still others fall for internet scams run by Nigerian princes. In the future there will be more identity theft and money stole from online bank accounts and money transfers. People will probably do more i mpersonation than ever on social networking sites. The truth is people must be very careful to protect their passwords and their personal information. It is not a good idea to put your birthday on your Facebook account, for example, as this information may be used in some circumstances to access banking and other private records. Do not talk to strangers online if you are underage, as well, as they may be predators. While these are serious crimes, the media makes it seem as if it is happening all the time and that you will be the next victim (Mappes, 102). Part of the problem with the Internet is its anonymity. It is hard to track down cybercriminals and they know it. The bank robbers of the future will not wear masks and carry guns, they will be the people who sit at their computer and hack into the bank. Some people may not even know they have been victimized. This too may lead to the crime figures and victim

United States Policy On China Essay Example for Free

United States Policy On China Essay The United States policy on China has a long history. In the Shanghai Communique, signed between the US and China in 1972, the United States of America acknowledged the People’s Republic of China assertion that, all Chinese on both sides of the Taiwan Strait believe there is only one China, and that Taiwan is part of the mainland. Other Communiques have also been adopted by subsequent administrations to determine various policies for the United States, on the basis of the original one, signed in 1972 by President Richard Nixon. The US later shifted its diplomatic base from Taipei to Beijing in recognition of the Mainland. In Taiwan the United States has maintained vibrant unofficial contacts in commercial and cultural aspects. America’s ‘’unofficial’’ friendship with Taiwan has being a source of discomfort for mainland China over the years. It is sad to note that in 2005 Mainland China passed an anti-secession law stating; The People’s Republic of China will turn to non-peaceful avenues to tame Taiwan, if it declares self independence. The US has had to trade cautiously when it approaches China’s internal affairs. This diplomacy has often bore fruits and avoided facing head-on the root problems. The US taking hard stances on China and Taiwan affairs can certainly be counter-productive. Hence, the justification of its present position on the said matters as matters stands. Today, the main threat to the Security of the United States is from Terrorism. Other Global challenges, are to be found in Climate change and the proliferation of nuclear weapons. To suitably address these issues the United States must engage China, to jointly tackle these problems. Taiwan has historically been allied to the US. The Taiwan Relations Act in the US domestic law allows for ‘’unofficial’’ contacts to thrive between the two countries. This status quo has to be maintained, so as to protect the traditional interests of the United States of America, while observing the protocols of the various Communiques binding China and the US. The United States stands as the only superpower with an economy that has great influence globally. China on the other hand has the number with a population of over 1 billion people been the most populated nation. Its economy has also been steadily rising as many US firm outsource their operations to China, though many do so with the prime aim of maximizing profits and cutting down their operational costs. The Chinese economic growth has certainly been â€Å"food for thought† for the policy makers. And the US residents concerned about the â€Å"job loses† East Asia is a strategic trading partner for US Companies and products. A China policy has to defend the interests of these trading companies operating in this region, from Japan to Indonesia. East Asia’s security is threatened by North Korea developing nuclear weapons. This threat can be effectively contained with the co-operation of China. The US should advocate for a policy which will eventually unite the two Koreas. In exchange of the ultimate unification of China and Taiwan, the US may opt to root for One Korea which is free and democratic. The emerging liberal Korea will open up new markets for the existing US companies found in these regions. As the grave concerns of North Korea acquiring nuclear weapons been a major US concern. The US has often seen China in a better position to pile pressure on North Korea to abandon its quest for nuclear weapons, as the US seeks for a peaceful solution to avert the nuclear proliferation: currently threatening to tear the region apart. The end of the cold war ushered in new global rivalry between the US and China solely based on historical and economic mistrusts. Rapid industrialization of China has had a ripple effect on the economies in East Asia, which now look up to China as a partner and protector, a role which was previously a prerogative of the US. Repressive politics has managed to put a check on dissenting voices within China thus enabling the leadership to look beyond the borders and assert China’s regional hegemony. Japan, though an economic power house, embraces a culture of anti-militarism and has not been at par to counter the monstrous growth of neighboring China, despite their historical rivalry. As China increases its regional influence, her other aim is to unite with Taiwan. Their modern approach to achieve this pursuit is through Soft Power. In Political Science, Military and economic power is considered as Hard Power while other means of coercion to achieve political gains such as; Cultural norms, political ethics, Uniting Ideas and accommodating Foreign Policies are classified as Soft Power. China, through its Soft Power has managed to win the trust of many countries across the Globe. Recent research indicates that, China has surpassed the US as the most trusted country in the world. China’s domestic development and stability has made it a world power and is now bent on edging out the US from East Asian affairs. After the collapse of Communism in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, it dawned on Chinese bureaucrats the need to consolidate power in the State. Previously an authoritative powerful State was considered a deterrent to economic growth. In China, power was centralized in the CCP. Later, the open door and reform policy led to a revolutionary change in the social-economic well-being of its citizens. The transformation of lifestyles has imbibed a sense of pride and confidence in the Chinese, breeding nationalism in the country. It is this renewed Nationalism which is a threat to the crisis in the Taiwan Strait, Chinese nationalists feel China should be forcibly united to Taiwan. Across Taiwan, political liberalization and economic empowerment has created a new Taiwanese identity. Political parties which advocate Taiwanese interests and consciousness fair better in National polls whereas parties which lean towards the Mainland are shunned. Majority in Taiwan favor the political situation to remain as it is. The rise of Nationalism in the Mainland has coincided with emergence of a Taiwanese identity. These two aspects are bound to repel any forces which aim to unite them and might even isolate the US bid to act as an intermediary. The US, recently concentrated its military might in fighting the Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. The recent world economic crunch has also dented the military war chest of the US. In the Far East, North Korea’s acquisition of nuclear weapons has polarized the entire region. It is obvious The Japanese who looked upon the US as protector are starting to feel vulnerable. As China vows not to recognize the independence of Taiwan, it would be only appropriate to front for the remilitarization of Japan. This will eventually ease the burden on the US military in the Far East and contribute to peace and stability in the region. China and the United States can without doubt be argued to be the world’s two indomitable â€Å"super powers†. An idea has been mooted to establish CHIMERICA a G2 alliance to mediate on contentious world affairs. The two countries have however initiated the US-China strategic and Dialogue forum to tackle issues on global warming, humanitarian crisis and proliferation of nuclear weapons. Chinese authorities have adopted policies set to improve co-operation on both sides of the straits. China hopes to maintain a Status Quo in her favor; which simply means Taiwan will never be independent from the Mainland, especially taking into account its economic benefits. In 2010 the US proposed an arms sale to Taiwan which was vehemently opposed by mainland China. The US administration was to further antagonize Beijing when President Obama decided to host the Dalai Lama. The US today has its hands full in fighting terrorism at home and abroad. In the Far East, China’s increased economic might and international clout has tilted the power balance in her favor. A China Policy in tandem with the previous communiques will ease the existing security tensions in the Far East Region. The US has over time pursued a policy of close co-operation with a reformed and modernized China. This is to augur well with the over 48 Billion dollars worth of investments by US companies operating in China. The United States of America faces a formidable challenge as it tries to maintain hegemony in a region which has been transformed radically by an emerging economic power, China. Many US firms have often been accused of setting up tax heaven in China. These firms are viewed by those opposed to the whole idea of US firms outsourcing to China, as using US market to make huge profits and evading the responsibility of paying their fair share of national tax. This has forced the US lawmakers to devise ways and means to curb these loopholes, though its success rate is questionable. The Shanghai communique and others thereafter have managed to harmonize the relationship between the US and the People’s Republic of China. Each new US administration comes up with conflicting policies but which are based on the original communique, which advocates for one China. The signed documents are not binding and US interests, particularly in trade, are known to override these communiques. The above concerns raised have led policy makers on both sides of the equation to carefully assess their short and long-term policies towards each other. Some of the approaches that have been laid on the table for debate and implementation are:- Approach 1: Envision a crumbling China Most debates in America as concerns China policy tend to dwell on the emerging might of China, a big and threatening East Asian economic and military giant. Many others see a prosperous and cooperative Mainland China, which can is also be a ‘’Strategic partner’’ to the US. Rapid modernization may as well overwhelm the existing political structures in China to destabilize the country. At the moment, various provinces in the Mainland are agitating for self rule. An unstable Chinese State would reduce the government’s capabilities to contain serious vices in this vast country Industrialization in China has had its drawbacks as witnessed by the high pollution in urban areas. Stern laws are a deterrent to industries which pollute the environment. A weak, broken China will barely be able to enforce or control the resulting polluting culprits. A disintegrating China is a more serious threat to the US interests while a United China is a Strategic advantage. An American policy on China ought to advocate for a stable domestic China. As the worlds largest producers and consumers, China and the US should be in the forefront stemming global warming. To monitor levels of environmental degradation in a splintered China would be a nightmare. With a thriving and united mainland, the US can also count on Chinese support to disarm North Korea of its nuclear arsenal though peaceful negotiations. The prospects of a failing China are a disadvantage to the US trade interests in Eastern Asia, where numerous US multinationals have invested heavily. A China policy should support a strong Cohesive State; for floundering domestic China will deal a destabilizing blow externally. All the neighboring countries economies are dependant on China, a spill over effect of instability can be disastrous for the entire region. As China economy comes to par with the western world, improved lifestyles and access to information is bound to ferment discord as Citizens seek an outlet to flaunt their new wealth worldwide. A China policy should encourage cross cultural exchange between Citizens of the two States. An informed public will discard the deep rooted mistrusts of East verses West rivalries which are mostly myths. The success story of the Chinese economy would also boost the US tourism sectors as wealthy Chinese splash their wealth on US tours. Approach 2: Pursue ‘’One China’’ Dialogue In China the Taiwan issue is a matter close to the hearts of many. It is an emotional subject which can erupt negatively if not checked. The US has always been sympathetic towards Taiwan because of her liberalism and democratic ideals. This does not go down well with the Chinese who insist Taiwan is the 23rd province of the Mainland. To ease the tensions along the Taiwan Strait, China policy ought to lean on One Nation, which encompasses the Mainland and Taiwan. As mentioned before, the US can also bargain for a united China in exchange for ‘’One Korea’’ in the North. This will strategically secure North East Asia for the US as Japan is located in the neighborhood. The US should thereafter lobby for her trading concessions to be maintained. A sound and trusting relationship with China will eventually ensure world peace. Though some may feel that the US policy at times are viewed by many around the globe to be a bit forcefully, China’ s policy especially on foreign issues has been a bit laid back. Whereas, the US may favor sanction of countries that it considered a threat to its national security. China has not been in favor of those sanctions and may only favor them as a last result. When it comes to China’s internal affair especially on human rights issues, media freedom and democracy the Chinese have not taken lightly the US offshore comments on its internal affairs. It may seem that the standards of human rights issues are as far as the east is from the west when comparing china and the US. Across to the North East Japan’s economic muscle may eventually arouse Nationalism fronting for the re-armament of their country. After the testing of Nuclear weapons by North Korea, Japan must be feeling threatened. The emergence of new political players in Japan who profess aggressive military ideals can not be entirely ruled out. Historically a highly militarized Japan has been proved to be a global tyrant. It is whispered that ‘’ The Japanese have never learnt from their past military crimes’’, so they might as well be contained. Plus, given that Iran is also pursuing nuclear weapons and more nations are joining the nuclear club. Japan which has been traditionally enjoying military and economic superiority may be forced to rethink its policy. Though, China cannot be said to be a threat to Japan’s national security. The US has been advocating for nuclear non-proliferation and whether it will be able to convince the Chinese to reduce its nuclear stock pile is another hard rock to crack. The process of pursuing ‘’One China’’ Policy will maintain the Status Quo, China is known to prefer things to remain as they are, while plotting ways of controlling Taiwan. The US is a major supplier of arms to Taiwan and as things stand, the Status Quo serves well the profits of US multinationals. The rise of Taiwanese Identity has altered the mindsets in the Island, where majority now are against reunification with the Mainland and prefer the Status Quo remain. The split in the two China’s was fueled by Nationalists and Communists, as found in Taiwan and the People’s Republic of China respectively. It is highly probable that integrating the two will strengthen the renewed Nationalism in the Mainland. Political optimists believe China will eventually transform itself into a Democracy, though the process might take a while. With fast changing technology especially the fast growth of the internet China may find it hard to maintain its control of information freely flowing within its borders and would be forced to embrace democracy as viewed by the Americans. Some may argue that the US is playing double standards when it advocates for democracy whereas its own records are questionable. Especially, when Issues related to fighting terrorism are concerned. With some of the view in China and many other nations within the region feeling that the US policies should be toned down and they should bring more dialogue on the table. Approach 3: Engage Top-level Bureaucrats The US-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue initiative is an example of Top-level bureaucratic engagement. The US Secretary of State heads the team in this initiative while the Chinese delegation is led by the Deputy Premier. High level consultations between the two countries have in the past opened the way for China to join the World Trade Organization. Bi-lateral Summits by the Presidents of the two powers have in the past yielded reforming solutions to global issues. With almost two digit growth rate been recorded by China, one may project and see that China may soon overtake the US economy which is growing at a much lower rate than China. Comparing the two countries one may see that the national cake is more evenly distributed in America than China. Even though the wide gap between the poor and rich may at times benefits the US in the sense that they can outsource labor intensive projects at a relatively lower cost. Meetings between the Top leadership increase the level of Trust and diminish any hostile perceptions held. Apart from China, the US should play the role mediator in issues affecting the East Asia region. America’s policy in the region will determine the relations with China. US national interests in diplomacy, military and economics will only be well protected when top government executives engage directly with the leadership of this region. US standing among the Nations of East Asia will affect China’s views on issues. The US diplomats should push to strengthen existing alliances, while assessing the composition and capacity of stationed troops to fulfill their missions effectively. China should also be engaged so as to participate in regional issues such as counter terrorism, Disaster management and peacekeeping. To check on North Korea, Trilateral consultations with the Republic of Korea and Japan should be intensified. Further consultations with Beijing and Moscow needed to pressurize Pyongyang to cede developing nuclear weapons. Within the East Asia region, the US should support sound structural economic reforms in particular countries. This will provide the foundation for a sustainable economic growth in the 21st century. Aid ought to be granted to establish regional institutions which are comfortable with America’s involvement in East Asia affairs. Approach 4: Arms Trade On January of 2010, the US was closing a deal worth $6. 4 billion selling arms to Taiwan. Mainland China immediately threatened to impose restrictions on the US firms selling the arms. PRC later suspended consultations on certain regional and international issues. The US gesture (arms sale), was seen as a snub to the spirit of ‘’One China’’. However the US-Japan alliance is favorable to the interests of China. Japan, due to her bloody military past is viewed with suspicion in the region. The US has effectively put on check any Japanese military ambitions. China has in the past borne the brunt of Japan’s military might and is comfortable with US limiting her capabilities. Japan is a nation with great capability when it comes to acquisition of military superiority. It has not lately been in the arms race seen within the region, which has played very well with the Chinese. This can partially be attributed to the US check and balances on Japan. Though the whether the status quo remains is a thorny issue that would need to be addressed in future. Across Japan, North Korea is flexing her nuclear muscle from a tightly closed and controlled society. This scenario best presents the US with an opportunity to re-arm Japan on terms strictly dictated by the US. Thereafter this process will eventually offer US firms a lucrative avenue to invest in Japan’s, National Security industry. The level of militarization will however be in tandem with China and Russia’s aspirations, who can also act as mediators in the balancing of power along the Sea of Japan.

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Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein Essay Example for Free

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein Essay Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein tells the story of Victor’s ambition to successfully create a life through the use of science. In the present times, this is closely known as genetic engineering or cloning, wherein a scientist or a doctor dabbles in the works of creating a new life or transforming a life through science and technology. Shelley shows in her work that Victor had successfully created a being, however it stunned him, not in amazement but in hatred and fear of the misshapen creature he has created. The creature that Victor created was adultlike like in its physique but childlike in its mind. Its innocence became its downfall as it slowly learned, the hard way, that it is not a normal human being but a reject of the society because of its appearance. This led to its violent rampage destroying the things that it desires, belongingness in the society, and created an even more fearsome aura that caused people, even its creator, a deeper terror and horror in its existence. This shows that such inventions and discoveries does not necessarily mean success in the world of science as such creatures do not play a significant role in making the lives of people better. This indicates that science and technology has a great power in playing with fate and lives that people tend to question its ethics, morals and values. Shelley successfully presents in her work that science has to consider certain ethics and morals with its inventions, thinking about the purpose and result of the work in the world of humans. Ethics and morals are the basis of how humans live and think. The society strongly against inventions such as cloning and genetic engineering because of these values. Although the value life is a strong motive for dabbling into the arts of creating or transforming human life, the society thinks immoral of such actions because it makes the creator play with life, which in a religious or ethical sense, humans cannot play with. Shelley’s Frankenstein shows that playing with fate and life has its consequences. Something that is created from the pieces of humanity cannot be entirely human on its own. Rejection is always present in society, and it cannot be blamed on the people when a creature, as misshapen as Frankenstein roams the streets without full knowledge of what life is. The lesson the Shelley leaves her readers is the importance of considering how knowledge is to be used for humanity and to improve human life. Another impacting thought that Shelley leaves is the significance of proper teaching of the masters to their students. When Victor showed an uncanny interest in modern science, his teachers dismissed his curiousity without explaining to him why such fascination is dangerous and not worth paying attention to. Victor turned to modern science because of the limitations of alchemy. He combined his knowledge of aggripa, alchemy and the modern science to turn create a new life that he later rejected and loathed. Both the educators and the students have a responsibility in what they do and the results of their actions. Before any scientific invention and discovery is pursued, ethical considerations, moral responsibility and purpose is to be weighed. Educators and students should look at their works with purpose and not just because they wanted to create something new. They have to consider the results of such actions, and if it will result to something that is not beneficial for human life and will endanger the morals and values of the society, then it should be discouraged. Science and technology is something that is to be used to improve human life not destroy it.

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Positive And Negative Outcomes Of Globalisation

Positive And Negative Outcomes Of Globalisation Globalisation is the process by which the world is connected as one through trade and set-up communication. This connection is occurring at a fast rate. According to Ervin and Smith (2008, p.2), Globalisation describes the ongoing global trend towards the freer flow of trade and investment across borders and the resulting integration of the international economy. The need to trade and conduct business with other countries Is what has led to Globalisation. Regional societies and cultures are trading with each other leading to mutual co existence. HISTORY Globalisation has existed for a long time. This came about due to agriculture and industrial revolution in the ancient times. Manufacturers and producers had to trade with what they had. The construction of roads, invention of wheel carts, and the coming up of big cities such as Rome and Olympia contributed to trade between the regions. In modern times the invention of aero planes, trains, mobile phones, internet and good network system has largely brought about the expansion of globalisation. This happened after World War 2 owing to the fact that peace had to be conventional. This could only be attained through trade and communication. The term globalisation is used in the media and by the world leaders every now and then. Prime Minister Gordon Brown has said that it is a fact and here to stay (Gordon Browns speech to the CBI, Nov 2006). This statement means that globalisation has taken charge, and will continue to increase as the world becomes a global village. The growth of globalisation has occurred owing to number of reasons. Tisdell San (2004, p.84), say that, Globalisation has proceeded rapidly since 1960, mainly due to reduced man-made barriers to trade, such as reduced tariffs. Generally the reduced cost of requirements for trade in the post war era has led to expansion of globalisation. The existence of technology such as computers and universal satellites has created a single market. A great deal of advertising that countries are doing for themselves is leading to verse responsiveness from other states. This is because countries are producing individual goods. People are traveling for themselves to purchase what they wish for because it is cheap and available. Globalisation has caused competition among high-quality goods. Lewis Richardson (2001, p. 39), state that, Global integration allows better performing firms, workers, and communities to grow faster than other firms, workers, and communities and so to increase their share of their industry, their lab our market, and/ or their region. Further from that, trade that comes as a result of this enhances the shared relationship amid the countries. ITS EFFCTS As globalisation continues to grow and improve it brings some effect. This is because both the developed countries and developing countries are involved and the level of production is not the same. Some deal with raw material and others deal with manufactured goods. The global recession is also making some countries to suffer the challenge. According to Hedegaard Lindstorm (2000, p. 50-51), there should be balance between the import and export conduced between developed and developing countries. There should be international equalization of factor prices. Globalisation should lead to capital exports from industrial to developing countries; exports of agricultural products and labour intensive manufacturers from developing to (initially) developing countries. This should reduce the disparity between them. The level of output has increased worldwide. This is because various countries are producing in anticipation of selling to other countries. This increases the yield and production of further goods. This is advantageous because countries will never go in need. It will ensure incessant supply of goods and services. It has also led to development of ICT in most countries especially developing ones. This is because there is need for unremitting communication among the countries for trade purposes. Information is also necessary if business is going to be conducted. It brings technical advancement especially to the developing countries. This is because they have to attain the standards of the core countries. It has been said that ICT is globalizing at a swift rate. It has led to integration between diverse cultures and societies. This is because they indulge in trade. As a result of these there is exchange of culture and behavior. The world becomes a village as a result. Integration also brings about good co existence between the different countries and diplomatic relations. POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE OUTCOMES Globalisation has positive and negative effects. The constructive effect of globalisation is that it has created opportunities for countries to market what they have. This is because they have potential consumers for their goods. It has created a market place for goods, therefore this is positive as countries earn there revenues. Globalisation has also promoted the design of new technologies. This is because of the competition that exists between countries conducting the trade. Every country is trying to provide the latest technology. This is good for human race because their life is enhanced. Globalisation also brings about growth and improvement of developing countries as they get new technology. It enables them to improve the way of life of their people and this is also good as it enlightens people. It also brings about good diplomatic relations amid countries. This because of the relationship that exists such as economic ties. It creates peaceful coexistence and ensures that it i s maintained. According to Molle (2003, p.37), It brings economic benefits, highlighting the growth of some countries that have opened their markets to international trade and investment. They point next towards the benefits in terms of peace and security. These are some of the positive outcomes of globalisation. Globalisation has negative outcomes. One is the price set up for the commodities in trade. These prices set at times cannot be attained by the developing countries due to economic hardships such as global recession. It makes the condition to be unjust leading to exploitation of the peripheral countries. There is also repatriation of profits back to the mother countries if the business was conducted in other countries. This is because individuals and companies who invest in other countries always take the profits back to their home countries e.g. Multinational companies. It also leads to cases of monopolization by the world economies. This is because they are the forces that set up the market price for goods. They control the market. This leads to anguish of developing countries as poverty progresses. According to Hewa and Stapleton (2005, p. 155), The negative effects of globalisation can be varied and range from the impoverishment and depopulation of local communities as corporations or factories relocate to optimize competitiveness and unemployment rises. These are some of the negative reasons for globalisation. CONCLUSION Globalisation is consequently here to stay. It will continue to grow as the world advances into the future. It has integrated a lot of countries and enhanced peaceful co existence among them.

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Love in If Thou Must Love Me, Let it be for Naught, To His Lady, and The Taxi :: To His Lady The Taxi poems

Love in "If Thou Must Love Me, Let it be for Naught", "To His Lady", and "The Taxi" "when a man loves a woman he'd give up all his comfort, sleep out in the rain, if she said that's the way it ought to be" (Percy Sledge). No truer words have ever been spoken when it comes to relationships between man and woman. For when a man and a woman come together for a relationship it should be for the right reason, and that reason is love. Love is much more than just a word though, it is a feeling and emotion that cannot be duplicated, imitated, or simulated. Love is, as described in "If Thou Must Love Me, Let it be for Naught", "To His Lady", and "The Taxi", the emotions of joy, happiness, caring, passion, commitment, pleasure, and even pain all rolled into one, which is shared between two people. The only love is true love. This means that when one loves another, the love that they are feeling should encompass all attributes of the person they are loving. If one were to say that they loved another for their beautiful eyes, this would not be true love. In order for it to be love, one would not just see the beautiful eyes, they would see everything about that person as beautiful. Elizabeth Barrett Browning agrees when she says to not love for a smile or a look, instead one should love for loves sake. ?Thou mayst love on, through love?s eternity? (206 14). True love is also a love that is eternal; true love is never ending. Henry Howard also believed that love should be everlasting. Wedding vows have become, to a certain extent, things of the past. People are getting married only to be divorced with in the first couple years of marriage. Till death do us part no longerholds meaning in the holy union of two souls. This is not true love. Luckily Howard helps us to see what true love is when he paints us a picture in words in ?To "His Lady?. ?In the long night, or in the shortest day/ In lofty youth, or when my hairs gray/ Set me in earth, in heaven, or yet in hell/ Sick, or in health, in ill fame, or in good/ Yours will I be? (277 lines 6, 8-9, 11-12). Through thick and thin, no matter what happens the man in this poem will stick by his lady.

The Significance of John in Brave New World :: Brave New World

The Significance of John in Brave New World In Brave New World, there are three societies: the civilized society of Bernard and Mustapha Mond, the savage society of John and Linda, and the old society, which is not explicitly in the book but is described by the characters. These societies are vastly different. The old society is 20th century Western society; the civilized society creates people and conditions them for happiness and stability; and the savage society is very far behind the civilized society technologically, and is very religious. John is a very important character in the novel because he represents the link between all three of these societies. John's mother was created in the civilized society and lived there until John was accidentally conceived. She had to move to the savage society, and John was born and raised there. John had a connection to civilized society from an early age from hearing stories from his mother. He also came across a book of Shakespeare and by reading it, learned about old society. These however, are just preliminary connections for the bridges that will soon be built. The adult John comes to civilized society as an experiment by Marx and Mond to see how a "savage" would adapt to civilization. Frankly, he does not adapt very well. He is appalled by the lifestyle and ideas of civilized people, and gets himself into a lot of trouble by denouncing civilization. He loves Lenina very much, but gets very upset at her when she wants to have sex with him. He physically attacks her, and from that point on does not want to have anything to do with her. When his mother dies, he interferes with the "death conditioning" of children by being sad. Finally, his frustrations with the civilized world become too much for him and he decides to take action. He tries to be a sort of a Messiah to a group of Deltas, trying to free them from the effect of soma. He tells them only the truth, but it is not the truth that the Deltas have been conditioned to believe, so to them it is a violent lie and they begin to cause a riot. When the riot is subdued, John is apprehended an d taken to have a talk with Mustapha Mond. This talk with Mustapha Mond is very enlightening for John, and it creates his connection with the old society.

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Clifford Odets’ Waiting for Lefty Essay -- Waiting Lefty

Clifford Odets’ Waiting for Lefty In his play "Waiting for Lefty" Clifford Odets attempts to stir up the weary American public of the 1930s by providing examples of everyday people who, with some coaxing, rise above the capitalist mess they've inherited and take control of their destinies. In his work, Odets paints the common man as honest, sacrificial, and exploited, while big business and the government are portrayed as the proletariat's enemies, anonymous corporations of rich men intent on shattering dreams. Odets makes his point clear: in order to survive in the cutthroat world of Depression-era America, one must band with others, make necessary sacrifices, and live for oneself, not for a paycheck or in a deluded fantasy-state. The play's centerpiece, the gradual movement towards a strike for a group of taxi drivers, begins with an anti-striker, aptly named Fatt both for his physical and fiscal qualities, delivering a speech railing against the notion of a strike. Using unity as a means to coerce the dissatisfied workers into sedation, he proclaims, "I'm against the strike. Because we gotta stand behind the man [FDR] who's standin' behind us!" (5) As Fatt and a man branded a communist by Fatt debate the strike, Odets plunges into a short episode about a taxi driver and his wife, intended to relate to the common man as much as possible in its simple names, vernacular, and emotions. Joe's reluctance to strike for more money, based mostly on fear of being blacklisted, is criticized harshly by wife Edna: "They'll push you down to three and four a week before you know it. Then you'll say, "That's somethin' too!...I know this - your boss is making suckers outa you boys every minute." (9-10) Joe remains unconvince d until Ode... ...nce of a youth that dreams of more. Their state of abjection is summed up by Sid: "If we went off together I could maybe look the world straight in the face, spit in its eye like a man should do. Goddamnit, it's trying to be a man on the earth." (20) The overwhelming sense of isolation and impotence he feels is brought to a boiling point when he and Florence breakdown (22) as they become increasingly aware of their rutted existence. Their wretchedness becomes an Odetsian admonition to resist escapism and surrender. Odets returns to the taxi strike at the end with Communist connotations: "AGATE: WE'RE STORMBIRDS OF THE WORKING-CLASS. WORKERS OF THE WORLD." (31) With a resounding chorus of "STRIKE," (36) Odets has placed a challenge for blue-collar America to rise past individual fears, place faith in mass demonstration, and possibly adopt a Communist revolution.

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Professional and Maximum Allowed

Name * First Last Email * Please select the date and term you start class: * City * State * Please select your program: * When and how do you prefer to be contacted by Kaplan University? * Essay: For some students, juggling college, work, and family obligations can be overwhelming. In approximately 500 characters, please describe how you plan to balance these responsibilities and what measures you can take to make your education a priority. * Please note: your responses are for informational purposes only and will not affect your continued enrollment in the program. Maximum Allowed: 500 characters. Currently Used: 343 characters. KNOWLEDGE OF THE PROFESSION Please provide a brief understanding of your knowledge of the human services profession. * Maximum Allowed: 500 characters. Currently Used: 195 characters. What type of education is required and/or desired to work in the various settings in human services? * Maximum Allowed: 500 characters. Currently Used: 0 characters. Why do you want to work as a human services professional? * Maximum Allowed: 500 characters. Currently Used: 171 characters.What are some of the positives and negatives to working as a human services professional in our global society? * Maximum Allowed: 500 characters. Currently Used: 257 characters. Describe some of your experiences working with human services professionals, both personally and professionally. * Maximum Allowed: 500 characters. Currently Used: 141 characters. What are some of the traits or characteristics that make a person successful as a human services professional? * Maximum Allowed: 500 characters. Currently Used: 0 characters.What are some of the populations that are in need of human services and what settings and populations would you prefer to work in the future? * Maximum Allowed: 500 characters. Currently Used: 0 characters. Is there a demand for human services professionals in your geographic region? * No Yes Does your state require licensing or credentialing for human services professionals or social workers? * No Yes Do you already have a college degree? * No Yes What are your plans for continued education beyond an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree? Maximum Allowed: 500 characters. Currently Used: 0 characters. Explain any work experiences in human services that could be equivalent to college level credit. * Maximum Allowed: 500 characters. Currently Used: 0 characters. Do you have experiential learning that is similar or equivalent to courses offered in human services * No Yes (if yes, please explain) Acknowledgements Please certify that all information submitted in this form is accurate by typing your first and last name in the space provided. * Date